Elsie Ayala is a young professional living in downtown Chicago. She decided to relaunch this blog after realizing that she’s racked up quite a bit of knowledge as it relates to her interests including:


Elsie’s is keen on style but also a firm believer of fashion and function co-existing. She’s not afraid to experiment, often making bold statements, but confidence and comfort shall never be sacrificed.


Elsie has visited over 20 countries and counting. Via this blog she hopes to document some of her favorite destinations while offering tips, tricks and inspiration.


If it’s in Vogue, Elsie has probably tried it. Everything from laser to vampire facials, Elsie loves staying up to date with technological advances in beauty. Join her in discovering whether treatments and procedures are worth the hype.


Super foods, fitness, staying sane. We’re all in this together so let’s figure out how to build the iconic life we dreamed of.

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IG: @ayala_elsie