On Making a Comeback!

Hi there, lovelies. Long time no see!!

So, I’m baaaaaack!!!

It’s been oh about a solid 7 years since my last blog post. What happened? Well, it’s funny–in preparation for this relaunch I read through old posts and it seems my state of mind back when I first started this blog (in 2010!) was very much focused on kickstarting my career and thriving. So, I guess that’s what transpired. I focused on my career and thrived (well, so far so good anyway!).

A lot has happened in 7 years. A LOT. Well, I mean kind of, still not married and no children…BUT I have spent a lot of money on a healthy collection of designer bags and shoes. I’ve also kept up with weird beauty trends (microneedling anyone?), super food crazes (does maca root really make your butt grow?) and travel. SOOOOO MUCH TRAVEL. China, Japan, the Middle Eeast, plenty of Europe, even the island of Trinidad (on business!).

It’s been a whirlwind to say the least. And I’ve learned so much. Frankly, I think I have much more to say nowadays and many more experiences to back it up. So, in short, that’s why I’m back. I want to share these experiences with you beautiful people because I’ve racked up some lessons and I think there’s value to be taken away. I want you to benefit!

Safe to say fashion continues to be high on the priority list–so expect that to continue. But I promise to cut out the BS. For instance, should you really invest in those Stuart Weitzman boots. My take might surprise you. For funsies, I decided to keep a few of my old posts. One, because I still love the outfits and two, because they’re actually still pretty on trend! Exhibit A: timeless Parisian inspiration. Exhibit B: Inspo for taking on the pastel color blocking trend. Check it out. Along with Baby Elsie!

Ok, this comeback letter is getting lengthy. In conclusion, I’d love for you to consider joining or re-joining me on this platform. It should be good. That’s the dream anyway!



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